Greek ethnic nationalism and the Yugoslav Wars: an interview with award-winning journalist and author, Takis Michas


CN: this podcast episode contains discussion of genocide and xenophobia

Before 8,372 Muslim men and boys were murdered in the Srebrenica genocide of July 1995, it was the blue-white Hellenic flag that was raised alongside the Serbian ensign in the defeated Muslim enclave. No Greek writer has done more to uncover the dark and bloodied history of Greece in the Yugoslav Wars than award-winning journalist and author, Takis Michas. In 2002, Michas received the Greek Botsis Prize for Journalism for his reports on Slobodan Milošević’s bank assets in Greece. Beyond Greece, he is perhaps best known for his book, Unholy Alliance: Greece and Milošević’s Serbia, which analyses the Greek political and military backing of Milošević and Serb war crimes in the Bosnian and Kosovo Wars. Nearly 20 years after his polemic book was published, Takis Michas sat down with Politika News to discuss how Greek ethnic nationalism led a nation to fall on the wrong side of history.

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